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Hidden at the heart of it all, radiant and rarified, is

Good morning

Breakfast 6:30 - 11am | Lunch 11am - 2pm | Closed 2pm - 5pm | Dinner 5 - 10pm (Fri-Sun 11pm)

A most exquisite Encounter

With James Beard award-winning Chef Black at the helm, Perle Mesta immerses guests in an enchanting and impeccable dining experience that captures the spirit of our ever-charming, ever-prepared namesake.

Perle Mesta Monogram

French Style High Tea

High Tea at Perle Mesta has remained a beloved Skirvin tradition for a century. It is an entirely immersive and elevated experience, including light bites, pastries, premier teas, and extraordinary surroundings.

Private Dining at Perle Mesta

Our private dining rooms offer a secluded and intimate experience with tailored culinary offerings from Chef Andrew Black. Embark on an unimagined experience with us.

A glimpse of the atmosphere at Perle Mesta. Note: This is a rendering, not a photograph. Design by Robinson Park.

Oklahoma City High Tea at Perle Mesta

High Tea

Most Exquisite Events

We’re always up to something at Perle Mesta. Here, each occasion unfolds flawlessly, brilliant and unforgettable.

Chef Andrew Black

Chef Black began his journey at Skirvin nearly two decades ago. Now, he’s returning to the Skirvin kitchen as a James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur. 

Chef Andrew Black of Perle Mesta

One Park Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102